The Best Service in Cash for Junk Cars

At A Best Auto Wrecking we give you cash for junk cars, with a fast and professional service. We buy cars models year 2000 and up, most cash paid. The process is fast and easy, no bureaucratic complications and instant Cash! We are locally present in Los Angeles and we service the areas of San Gabriel, Gardena, Torrance, West Los Angeles, Bell Gardens, Bellflower, Garden Grove and Pico Rivera.

About A Best Auto Wrecking

Our company has years of experience dealing with all kinds of models. We also sell transmissions and motors in good condition for your used cars, and we do installation of new and used windows. Come and visit us!

Sometimes, Getting Rid of your Used or Old Car
can be a Tedious Problem

If you have an old car costing you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, to keep on the road, maybe it’s time to get cash for your junk car.

Stop Throwing Away Money

If you are tired of throwing away money into that old car and are ready to upgrade your vehicle, we’re the ones you want to call to get rid of that old car, because we’ve been paying cash for junk cars for years now. 

Good Reasons to Sell your Car

Thinking about selling your old car to the junkyard?

Immediate Money
In our company we take your junk car and pay you immediately in cash. Earn money instantly when you sell your car with us. We take your junk car and pay you the same day with the commitment to give you the best rate.
Best Rate
At A Best Auto Wrecking we strive to give you the best rate for your old car or junk car. We stand out for having the best prices for you. Call us today and be surprised at how much you can earn for that car you no longer want.
Quick Process
Don't waste your time on endless calls and never-ending appointments. Our service is always available to provide you with the quick solution to help you get rid of your junk or old car with a competitive price.

The best Place to Sell a Junk Car

We offer a complete and fast service to buy your old or junk car with the best rate on the market.

A Best Auto Wrecking is a dedicated company committed to the economy of its customers. We offer a complete and fast service to buy your old or junk car with the best rate on the market.

We offer the clarity you need in a process as delicate as this. We are a team of experienced professionals to provide you with the service and customer support that will help you be sure to make the right decision.

Selling a car to the junkyard is a wise decision to get rid of many problems and make money instantly. In our company we provide you with all the appropriate information to resolve all your doubts knowing that you are making the best decision.

If you have an old car and don't know what to do with it, this is your best time to get rid of it and make a profit.

Trying to repair and get an old car running can be counterproductive because of the large amount of money you will spend trying to get it on the road.

However, it is very likely that you will have to invest a large amount of money in maintenance year after year to continue using it. It's best to say goodbye to an unreliable car that gives you headaches.

Need a New Windshield or Glass for your Vehicle?

Contact us!

We also install new and used windshields and glass for windows.

Installation of New and Used Windshields

Windshield problems? It's time to come get some help with us.

Reliable Installation
We are professionals dedicated to windshield installation to guarantee that you will have impeccable and quality service.
New and Used
We have a professional service and a wide variety of new and used windshields with the best quality so that your vehicle is perfect.
Extensive Inventory
Our company offers a wide variety of windshields for most vehicles. Our inventory offers you solutions at the best price on the market.

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